IPhone 8 – what’s hot and what’s not?

Another iPhone has hit the shelves and everyone’s left wondering what’s new this time around? It’s Apple’s tenth birthday and to celebrate they launched two brand new models of their ever-popular iPhone.

One, the iPhone X has multiple new features that have been doing the rounds on the adverts, but what about the iPhone 8?

No more plastic

The new iPhone has a whole new look, with an all-glass design. And one of the most popular cameras in the smartphone business has got even better.

Wireless wonder

And one of the best features in our opinion? Wireless charging. Gone are the days of desperately trying to find a plug or untangle the wires in your bag to get your phone charged as it fades into darkness. Simply pop your phone on the wireless device and your phone will be back to one hundred per cent in no time.


The new phone has much faster processing speeds, and on top of this has a brand new, dynamic display which is much more colourful than the previous models


However, there is one downside to the new generation of iPhone. As you’ve probably heard on the grapevine, the prices have hiked up pretty immensely. At over £1000 for the iPhone X and £699 for the 8th model, it’s quite a hefty price tag.

This blow can be softened by taking out the phone on a contract with a network provider, but in the long run this mainly means you will be paying more than the phone is actually worth. And can leave you forking out over £50 a month for the same number of minutes and data as your friend who is paying £10 with an older model of iPhone.

If you can’t bring yourself to fork out the extra money for the new iPhone, then you can still get the software upgrade which is free to all Apple users. But the one thing you won’t get your hands on is the new photo features, which everyone has been eyeing up. The features that give every member of the public the skills and tools to come across as a professional photographer.

Battery Low

If you like us constantly find yourself on ‘low power mode’ then don’t hold your breath for any changes on this front. The battery isn’t any better on this device so you’ll still need your additional battery pack when you take a day trip out on holiday. Apple have made some improvements on this over the years but have never been very good with battery life, and most people find they are charging their iPhones at least once a day, if not more.

Gibson Mathis

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