Foil Vs. Rotary Shaver

It can be a difficult choice between foil versus rotary shavers. There are dozens of different types of shavers on the market. Most men can agree that a cordless and rechargeable shaver is the best type to buy, and with few exceptions is mostly what’s available on the market today.

Your next biggest choice to make is whether to opt for a foil or a rotary type of men’s shaver. They’re both handheld shavers, with on/off buttons and a variety of features, but the main difference is in their heads.

A foil type of shaver has a straight head, rectangular in shape, that rests on the main body of the shaver. The head may be attached to the body of the shaver, or it may have a neck or flex head. Inside the foil head are several oscillating blades. These can also be called cutters and are what cuts the hair off. There can be from two rows and up to five rows of cutters. You can expect to pay more for a shaver that has more rows of cutters.

The foil part of the shaver is in reference to that thin layer of metal you see surrounding the head. It wraps around from one side to the other. It has minute holes to create a mesh pattern. This mesh covers the cutter. When you move the shaver over your face the hairs slide into the holes. As the cutters move, they’ll quickly snip the hair off. This type of shaver gives a nice close shave.

According to the best electric shaver portal the rotary shavers have a slightly rounded or oval head. Within the main head are usually three circular spinning cutters. Some shavers have only one, while another brand may have two. These three cutters spin around. Each also has an outer guard, similar to mesh, but with a band-like appearance.

The concept is the same. The hairs are captured by the minute holes in the mesh, then the cutters trim the hairs. This type of shaver is good for men with large faces, chins and necks.

If you need help choosing the best shaver, whether rotary or foil, there are many factors involved.

One type of shaver may perform better on your type of skin, the thickness of your hair, or even in how you move your hands.

A rotary shaver may be better for men who’ve been shaving for several years. If you have regular to tough skin, it may be the best option. It may not be the best option for younger men or senior men who have thinner skin, or those with extremely sensitive skin.

A rotary style of shaver is also good for shaving medium to thick hair, and coarse beard growth. It may also be a good choice if you like to shave every other day. Some men like to have a stylish three-day growth happening at the end of the week.

A rotary shaver is good for removing three day old growth. A foil is good if you have sharp contours on your face, or your hair grows in different directions.

To sum it up, a rotary shaver may be better if you have thicker hair, or longer hair. They’re also good if you don’t want to shave every day.

In contrast, a foil style shaver is good if you want a super close shave every day of the week. They’re also good if you want to shave every day, as they help to minimize skin irritation.

Foil shavers are good when you have thin or fine facial hair. They’re also good if you need precision styling around your sideburns, moustache, beard, or hairline. Some men also have hair that goes across the cheeks. It’s much easier to manipulate a foil shaver in this region.

Some shavers have a trimmer attachment which is perfect for removing beard growth that is more than three days old. This helps to speed up the shaving process. While most foil shavers have pop-up trimmers, many rotary shavers don’t. There are some rotary shavers where the head pops off, then you can attach the trimmer.

Another factor to consider is your shaving style. Do you enjoy shaving up and down your face, or do you like to shave with circular movements?
If you have a local store that has demo models of electric shavers, check them out. Once you have a look and can try them for yourself, you’ll soon discover your preference between foil or rotary shavers.

Gibson Mathis

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