Sex Toy For Erectile Disfunction

There are many tools that can help men stay or get hard. These include pumps, pills and penile injections. Most of these tools are intrusive and require a prescription or a medical professional. A new male sex toy is available that does more. The Pulse is an affordable, accessible, and simple version of a limited medical technology. It offers pleasure for both sides with a simple, patent-pending vibration.

The technology behind the Pulse is penile vibration stimulation (PVS) is over a decade old. It uses vibrations that are not typical of a female vibrator to activate an involuntary abortion. It has become a popular fertility tool to treat men with spinal cord injuries. This beats out other techniques such as electroejaculation, which involves pushing a vibrating probe against the prostate to cause ejaculation. The few PVS tools that are now available stimulator toys for women without prescriptions are expensive and are often not accessible by people with mobility problems.

Adam Lewis, a Brit, discovered PVS in 2008 while searching for male sex toys. After many years of experimentation, he created a simplified consumer-grade version, the PulsePlate. It focuses on high-powered oscillations and not low-powered vibrations at the sensitive frecum. Although it was less powerful than medical models, it was still effective. The Pulse was the name of a 2013 sex toy that Lewis created. It retailed for less than $100.

Lewis was conscious of the needs of people with disabilities and other erectile problems from the beginning. He ensured that the Pulse could not be held in one hand. After the toy was noticed, he stated that “the enjoyment of sexuality” is a fundamental human right. We are glad Pulse helped some people feel more in control of their sex lives.

Lewis attempted to make PVS more affordable and easier to use. He also tried to make the Pulse attractive enough to be bought by men, even those with disabilities, who may enjoy a new sexual sensation. Even though they were sometimes tasteless marketers (like when they faked an article about masturbation booths in New York City) Lewis’s team was able to break from the major design flaw of other men’s toys: trying to imitate human anatomy to no avail. The final product is elegant and simple.

Lewis says, “We didn’t want a designer for sex toys.” “We didn’t want any preconceptions [about how males sex toys should feel ]…] We wanted to appeal the guy who wouldn’t buy such a product.”

Lewis and his company have also upgraded their device over the past two-years, releasing a pulse II Duo, which could be used as an adult toy with dual vibrations (which probably increased its accessibility given that most men first experience sex toys through partner play with women), and a pulse III, with more advanced settings and customizable features.

This effort to deliver a device that is not only useful for those in need but also has broad appeal, solid functionality, affordability, and an ever-improving user interface seems to have paid off. In 2013, Hot Octopuss only sold a few thousand units via word-of mouth. The Pulse is now widely available and well-promoted within the men’s product retailers.

This is great news for men, regardless of erectile problems. This is likely only the beginning. The Pulse is one of many new male sex toys that have been launched recently. This trend seems set to continue. If all goes well, there will be more toys online in the coming years that will make sexual pleasure easier for those who need it, and more varied for everyone else.

Gibson Mathis

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